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Dear Parents & Carers,

Reminder re Covid 19 rules:

· If your child has been advised to self-isolate by school, they MUST stay at home. They are not allowed to leave the house. This includes not leaving the house to walk the dog, go to the shops or collect a sibling from school. They must stay in their own house and not be looked after by other people.

· If your child or anyone in your household has symptoms of coronavirus you MUST self-isolate and book a test for the symptomatic individual. You must inform the school that a test is being taken and then notify us of the result. Your household must isolate until the result is received – you cannot go to work, to the shops or to see your friends.

· If we send your child home from school with Covid symptoms you must book them a test. Your household must self-isolate until you receive the test result.

· We are in a National Lockdown and households should NOT be mixing unless they are part of a childcare or support bubble, these bubbles cannot be with several different households – please refer to government guidance. You should not be having sleepovers, parties or inviting children round to play.

· Children should NOT be playing out after school yet they are informing us that they are.

Please remember that these are government guidelines due to the ongoing global pandemic and they are not rules from school.

Thank you so much to those who are following the guidelines and for your support in this matter.

Lynn Chambers