Year 3

Dear Parents and carers of Year 3 children,

By now your children will be well on the way to settling into Year 3. There are still lots of changes and challenges to be faced, and hopefully our children will be able to tackle and handle these as they settle down in and become more confident in KS2.

The teaching team are Mr Tyler, Mr Weatherley and Mrs Cardoza.

School days begin at 8:40 am and ends at 3:10 pm, children will enter and exit by the side Hall door.

This year due to the problems with lockdowns and isolations we will be working extensively on READING and the use of Phonics in READING.


Reading books will be sent home regularly and it will help your child if you hear them read for a short time each evening. Let them know how well they are doing by leaving a comment in their READING RECORD Book.

All children in year 3 need to be secure in the use up to Phase 5 phonics words and there will be extra support and lessons for children who need them. Through the year there will be support Intervention groups for all abilities of children.


Topics we study this year are

History – The Stone Age, The Ancient Greeks, Captain Cooks Voyages

Geography – Natural Hazards (volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunami), Tourism

Science - Rocks and Soils, Animals including Humans, How do plants grow, Forces and Magnets, Light and Shadow.

Maths - Addition and subtraction up to HTO with HTO

Multiplication to Tens and Ones X by Tens and Ones

Fractions, Shape and Data handling (Graphs)


In year 3 there is a big focus on Times Tables.

We will support this with work in TT Rockstars online.

We hope that they are already secure with 2, 5 and 10 Times Tables and remember the 3 times table from Year 2.

Our focus is to be secure with fast recall of the 4 and 8 Tables by the end of Year 3.


P E This will be Wednesday and Thursday afternoon.

Please make sure your child has full PE kit for school.

They will change for PE in class.

It would be helpful, and speed things up if they can learn to tie their tie alone and fasten top buttons and shoelaces.

Homework will be set weekly and will include Spellings, English and Maths work. There will also be an online task in dB Primary.

Friendship groups begin to change and this can cause temporary upsets. Given time to settle most children find a group of playmates of their own. We do try to address any problems of this sort in school and find a buddy for everyone.

Already we have found the year 3 children to be full of enthusiasm and have enjoyment for learning. We hope this will go on through Christmas to Easter and the Summer.



Mr Weatherley, Mr Tyler and Mrs Cardoza.