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SEND - St Aidan's Information

1 - Introduction

Dear Parents, Carers & Children

A warm Christian welcome to the ‘SEND Information’ section of our website.  I hope that you will find these pages informative and useful.

At St Aidan’s Church of England [Aided] Memorial Primary School we value each child’s uniqueness and welcome the wide variations of talent and ability occurring in a large collective group.  The children in our school are all individuals and our aim is for all children to reach their full potential.

We believe that every child has an entitlement to personal, social and intellectual development and must be given the opportunity to achieve his/her potential in learning to the fullest extent, regardless of gender, race, age or ability.

At St Aidan's we aim to keep the core Christian values at the heart of everything we do.  We endeavour to build on the four key values that as a school we want to model:

Our Core Christian Values:   Love, Compassion, Trust and Togetherness

The school aims are:

  • to provide inspirational teaching and learning experiences which are broad, balanced and relevant for every child irrespective of ability, gender or ethnicity
  • to ensure the highest academic achievements possible for our children especially in reading, writing and mathematics
  • to provide opportunities for each child to learn the skills to enable them to work both independently and in co-operation with others as preparation for adult life
  • to work in partnership with the children’s families and St Aidan’s Church to the advantage of each child and the school
  • to provide opportunities for each child to make responsible choices enabling them to keep safe and to lead healthy lifestyles

If you have any questions about SEND or your child's education, please do hesitate to contact myself or another member of the ‘Inclusion Team’.

Miss Gillian Hood

DEPUTY Headteacher & SENCo


 2 - SEND Policy

send policy 2022 23.pdf


 3 - Information Report

send info report 2022 23.pdf



 4 - Inclusion Team

4 overview of inclusion team 2021 2022.pdf

 5 - SENCO

5 senco 2021 2022.pdf

 6 - Inclusion Manager

6 inclusion manager 2021 2022.pdf

 7 - Academy Councillor for SEND

7 sen academy councillor.pdf

 8 - Educational Psychology

8 educational psychology 2021 2022.pdf

 9 - Speech and Language Therapy

9 speech and langauge therapy 2021 2022.pdf

 10 - Other Outside Agencies

10 other outside agencies 2021 2022.pdf

 11 - Parental Information - New Arrangements for SEND

11 parental information new arrangements for send 2021 2022.pdf

 12 - Parental Information - SEN or Disability

12 parental information sen or disability 2021 2022.pdf

 13 - Parental Information - Areas of Need

13 parental information areas of need 2021 2022.pdf


2 - SEND - Hartlepool LA Information

LA-SEND Policy

HIASS - The Local Offer

hiass the local offer.pdf

Local Offer - Information

local offer information.pdf




LINK to Hartlepool Local Offer


3 - SEND - Other Information