Our Pupil Councils

 Pupil voice and involvement is important.  We have many different groups and councils that the children can be involved in.  To help with understanding the British value of demoncracy, these are normally voted for by the children.

Head Prefects

In the past we have had a head boy and a head girl.  This year the children choose two girls for the roles and we have given them a new title of Head Prefect.

Junior Leadership Team

This is made up from one member of each class, selected by the children, who meet regularly and discuss ways to celebrate and improve the school experience for all of the children

Worship Council

This council is also made up of one member of each class.  This group meet regularly to discuss the different forms of worship that happen in school and church and how to make this better for all children.  They also plan and help with the church celebrations that school is involved with.

This group also form our ICONS council.  This is made up from the children who were part of the Worship council when school was awarded International Cross Of Nails status.  They support when we focus on peace and reconciliation events.

Sports Council

We also have a sports council who help decide on and provide the different sports activities that children can engage with on play times and dinner times.

Sunshine Council

We have been recognised as officially being a happy school, gaining our happiness award after external verification.  The sunshine council help to keep coming with ideas and suggestions to improve well-being and happiness across the school community.