Celebration Assemblies

On a Friday we have our most-looked-forward-to assembly; our celebration assembly.

This is where all the staff and children gather to celebrate all the good things that have gone on during the previous week.

Core Values Badges


Our core values are at the heart of everything that we do at St Aidans and each week each teacher chooses one pupil in particular who has stood out in demonstrating one (or often more!) of these values.  The teacher will explain why they were chosen and the child is presented with a badge.  These are normally collected and worn with pride by the children.

Star Of The Week

Each week, each class chooses a Star Of The Week for particular effort or achievement in lessons in school.  We invite parents, carers and family members in to see their child being presented with this certificate so they can help celebrate just how proud we are of their work.

Other Awards

This assembly is where we also hand out other awards like handwriting certificates, swimming certificates and other sports awards.

And the children's favourite...... the Hot Chocolate With The Head Award.