Reading and Phonics

Reading Policy Document

Foundation Stage/Key Stage One

Our children are entitled to a daily phonics session based on Letters and Sounds. We use the Phonic Bug programme to make the sessions even more enjoyable and fun for the children.

The sessions are matched to the ability of the children.

The sessions should be fast-paced, varied and engaging and include the teacher modelling good elements at all times.

We aim to have all children reading by the end of year 1 when they also take the Phonics screening check.

For children who do not pass the Phonics screening check at the end of Year 1 or for individuals where they have not achieved national expectations by the end of Year 1, intervention programmes will be put in place from the beginning of Year 2.

Information for Key Stage 1 Parents regarding Phonics Screening Check

Parent's Info.pdf

Video to show correct pronunciation of phonemes (Sounds):

Recommended websites for Phonics Games:


Key Stage Two

At the end of KS1 – children still identified as below national expectations for reading/and or have not passed the Phonics screening check resit will be identified  and further individualised reading programmes will be put in place to support them in Year 3.