RE and Worship

R.E. Overview

RE units planned to covered this year:

*This is subject to change and development as we work towards the new RE syllabus and trial new units.





Year 1


1.2 God & Creation (5hrs)

S3 My world Jesus world (4 hrs)

1.3 Christmas Gifts & Gift Bringers (4hrs)



1.4 Jesus was special (6hrs)

1.5 Easter celebrating new life (5hrs)



1.7 Baptism – Non-Christian faith link (5hrs)

1.6 Saints and Followers (4hrs)

S13 Multi-Cultural Christianity


Year 2


2.1 The Bible (6hrs)

Non-Christian faith Unit: Special Books (4hrs)

2.7 Christmas – The Journey to Bethlehem (4hrs)

2.3 Jesus friend to everyone (6hrs)

2.4 Easter – symbols (5hrs)


2.6 Ascension and Pentecost (4hrs)

2.5. The Church (5hrs)

Non-Christian faith Unit: Places of Worship (4hrs)


Year 3


3.5 Rules for living (6hrs)

Non-Christian Faith Unit: Rules for living (6hrs)

3.2 Christmas – God with us (4hrs)

3.3 Jesus the Man who changed lives (6hrs)

S8 Lent (4 hrs)

3.4 Easter – Joy, Sadness, Joy (5hrs)


S2 The Lord’s Prayer (4hrs)

3.1 The Old Testament – Called by God (6hrs)

S4 Why do Christians sing in worship? (4 hrs)

Year 4

4.5 The Church (6hrs)

Non-Christian Faith Unit: Sacred Places (6hrs)

4.2 Christmas – Light - Non-Christian faith link    (6hrs)

4.3 Jesus the Son of God - Non-Christian faith   link (7hrs)

S8 Lent  (3hrs)

4.4 Easter – Betrayal and Trust (5hrs)


4.1  God, David and The  Psalms (6hrs)

4.6 Prayer (4hrs)

S5 Expressing Christian faith through Art (3hrs)

Year 5

5.1 The Bible (6hrs)

Non-Christian Faith Unit: Sacred Books/Texts (5hrs)

5.2 Christmas – Gospels of Matthew & Luke  (4hrs)

5.3 Jesus – Teacher (6hrs)

5.8 Daniel (6hrs)

5.4 Easter – Victory (5hrs)


5.9 Pentecost what happened next? (6hrs)

5.5 Women in the Old Testament
      Non-Christian Faith link (7hrs)

Year 6


6.1 Life as a journey (6hrs)

Non-Christian Faith Unit: Pilgrimage (4hrs)

6.3 Eucharist (3hrs)

6.2 Christmas – Advent (4hrs)

6.6 Ideas about God (6hrs)

Non-Christian Faith Unit: Passover (6hrs)

6.4 Easter – Who was Jesus? (4hrs)


6.5 Ascension and Pentecost (4hrs)

6.7 People of Faith (6hrs)

S10 Proverbs (4hrs)




Collective Worship


Collective worship is an important part of our school life and takes many different formats.  From the start of the week "Open the book" assembly, through to our celebration on Friday there are many opportunities for the children to engage in worship in different ways.

Our Worship council are always looking for ways to develop and imrpove all areas of worship.