Breakfast Club

At least half a million children in the UK arrive at school each day too hungry to learn. Research has shown a direct link between the breakfast habits of children and their educational attainment, with children in primary schools where breakfast is provided achieving on average up to two months’ additional academic progress over the course of a year.

Our school is pleased to work in partnership with Magic Breakfast with funding by the Department for Education,  to improve access to healthy breakfasts and learning.

Their service aims to:

  • Ensure more children receive a healthy breakfast at the start of their day.
  • Improve educational outcomes of young people
  • Share best practices across schools and encourage innovative approaches to school breakfast provision.


At St Aidans :

•            We provide a welcoming, calm environment in all breakfast areas where all pupils are greeted by staff and encouraged to have breakfast

•            Children are clearly engaged in accessing breakfast, familiar with the routine and enjoying eating breakfast with their peers

•            We provide a free healthy breakfast to identified pupils

•            We have very well organised systems in place for providing breakfast in EYFS, Nurture, SEND and Childcare breakfast provisions with adapted delivery models to suit each group

This has lead to a significant positive impact on the most vulnerable pupils who access Nurture Breakfast with reported improvements in concentration, focus, attitude and readiness for learning


If you would like more information about this, please contact the school office.