Apps And Programs

Whether on phone, tablet, computer or console the games and apps that are available to children are updating all the time sometimes new games, new features or new crazes can lead to possible dangers for children.  We aim to provide a list of current guidance on this page. 

Thanks goes to National Online Safety for their excellent resources and posters, all of which are available for parents for free if they undertake their training course, which we are offerning for free.  (See the Training page!).


 Apex Legends  


This is a free-to-play multiplayer battle royale game.  In this game,  squads of three players each are dropped onto an island, where they compete against each other to be
the last team standing. The players begin with no weapons or equipment and have to search for these, all the while killing enemies to win.   This game is aged 16+ and has violence, blood and realistic guns.  It is possible that players will be playing with and communicating with strangers of any age and it is possible to make in-app purchases that can cost up to £80.

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ASKfm is a question and answer social networking app/website with a 13+ rating.  Anyone one can ask any question and anyone can answer it however they want. It has faced criticism for allowing its users to post anonymously.  ASKfm has been labelled a hotbed of bullying with some people using the service to pick on others and make cruel comments. In other countries ASKfm has been associated with a number of teenagers committing suicide.

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Chat Roulette

Chatroulette connects visitors to random people around the world to have a
webcam chat. It has an 18+ rating.  As well as sharing video, you can also have audio chats with strangers. Chatroulette connects you with a totally random person. There is no way to search for a particular person, no list of known friends and there is no categorisation for finding people to talk about specific subjects.  Uses could literally see or hear anything.

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