The 1940's

Girls in domestic science - 1949


Senior girls in the domestic science room, a large room which later became the first nursery at the Stockton Road end of the school. As well as the obvious cookery which is taking place here, the girls must have been taught how to wash clothes indicated by the mangle on the end of the table in the front..

 (kindly supplied by Hartlepool History Then and Now )

Girls' School Staff - 1949

On the top row second from left is Miss Effie Fawcett, then ? , then Miss Evelyn Burnham. On the front row on the far right Mrs Trixie Flewker.

All these named teachers remained at the school for many years until the late 1960s.

 (kindly supplied by Hartlepool History Then and Now )

St Aidan's Boys - 1949

Standard 2 1949

Row 1

Wright, Peverell, Filby, Woodhead, Morgan, Franks, Watt, Lamplough, Nixon, Davidson, Waller

Row 2

Watson, Butcher, Christie, Llewellyn, Hall, Todhunter, Ness, Folland, Hornsey, Marshall, Garbutt

Row 3

Hughes, Simpson, Marshall, Wilson, Thompson, Brand, Scott, Carnaby, Jones, Adams, Lines


Dagliesh, McBean, Johnson, Border

 (kindly supplied by Hartlepool History Then and Now )


St Aidans's Infants Class 1 - 1949

At this time the infants were still at the old Longhill site, but they were St Aidan's nevertheless.

Picture kindly supplied by Bethany Byron