Our History

In 2016 we celebrated an important birthday - our school's 90th!

The foundation stones for the new St Aidan's Church of England Memorial School were laid in May 1926, the building commenced and our journey started.

We are the second St Aidan's school - the first one was built in Longhill (near where Tesco is now) and had a history of its own.  100 of the old boys from that school were killed in the Great War, as was one former teacher, and we were built as a permanent memorial to them.  If you are interested in more details about this, then there is an excellent book available in Hartlepool art gallery written by a former teacher (Alan Bell) that details this superbly.

But the story continues.  We have had new building work at the front of our school, as well as extensive remodeling inside, but have preserved all of the things that former members of the St Aidan's family remember; we've relaid all of the foundation stones, retained the sandstone door arches, polished the train name plate and the war memorial and kept the "Manners Makyth Man" sign (and yes that is how it is spelt on the board!)

We would love to fill these pages with pictures and memories from staff, parents and children from any point in the last ninety years.  If you have a particular memory about any aspect of school life, and even better some photos, please send them to us.  You could drop into the school office, send a letter or an email.  Anything that is emailed to the school office will find its way to the right person and onto here.  We look forward to hearing from you!