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Spring Term in Reception 2017

It's been a busy start to the year here in Reception since returning from the Christmas Holidays in January.  As well as the usual fast-pace of learning that takes places daily, we've had time to squash in Chinese New Year, Yoga Bugs, Balance Bikes, World Book Day and so much more!  We've begun preparing for Easter - a special time at St. Aidan's - by using up our store cupboard ingredients and making tasty pancakes.

Phonics Bug was launched just before the half term holidays and there's been such a buzz in Reception classes about 'Bug Club'.  Children have already had a whole bunch of books allocated (personalised to where they're at with their learning) and excitement is building as they're collecting e-stickers and rewards for becoming avid 'reading bugs'.  More books will be allocated before the Easter Holidays and then half termly after that.  Keep up the hard work children and use your technology at home to become a reading whizz!


See below for some Spring Term pictures showing some of our activities.  Please see our Galleries at the bottom of the page for more photographs of all the activities which have been happening in school .  Choose 'Reception - Balance Bikes/Pancake Day/Chinese New Year/Yoga Bugs/World Book Day.






Autumn Term in Reception:

Settling into Autumn Term 2016-2017

The children are now settling into Reception and getting used to our routines and busy, full days packed with fun learning.  We have had visitors into school, including the Dental Service for our Reception and Nursery children, and we've now implemented our tooth-brushing programme. 

We also had Mr. Nobby, our resident goalkeeper (aka Mr. Christie) and he was helping us form letter 'n' (down Nobby and over his net).  We are learning 2 new sounds each week, along with actions and handwriting phrases, and the children are consolidating these with 'Revisit/Review' sessions daily in class as well as with reading homework.  Some of us are even beginning to blend sounds to read! 

Parents came in (the last week in September) to see how children learn in school and find out some important information about routines and expectations and how they can help their children maximise their learning in school and at home.  Please see our website under 'Learning' then 'EYFS Learning' where there is a link to the powerpoint used by the teachers for the presentation.

The children have been enjoying the outside area where they have been immersed in socialising with each other, baking, role play, sensory and physical activities, sport, den-building, number fun and so much more.  They are learning new skills without even realising it because they're having so much fun.  We're already seeing lots of progress in the environment, outside in the areas, and in the children's books.  Such a promising start to the year!  Keep it up everyone!


Please check our Gallery at the bottom of the page to see some more photographs of the Reception children settling in. Choose "Reception - Autumn Term so far".


Our learning throughout September 2016

Reception children have begun to learn letter sounds and how to form them.  We are beginning to 'blend' to read and 'segment' to spell.  We have also started to learn about numbers, forming them, and how to show that number of fingers or objects.  We are singing fun number songs everyday to help us remember our maths work.

 Please see our Gallery at the bottom of the page for more photographs of our learning.  Choose 'Reception - Our learning Sept 2016'


  Healthy Kids in Reception 2016-2017

We are keeping fit and healthy in Reception Classes.  We have healthy meals at school, eat fruit and drink milk for our snack and we run around in PE and outside in the Reception Outdoor Area.  We have a healthy pitstop in the classroom where we can drink water whenever we want to, and we even brush our teeth everyday after lunch. 

For more photographs see our Healthy Photo Gallery at the bottom of the page - choose "Reception - Healthy Ways".