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Stars Of The Week 2017-2018

We believe that all of our children are stars, but each week every class chooses one pupil in particular  who has stood out.  It could be for work in any subject, progress, attitude, fostering our core values or showing a great attitude in school.  Here are our stars so far...

Week ending 18th May 2018

A set of super stars again this week...


Week Ending 4th May 2018

A brilliant set of reasons for a brilliant set of children this week...

Week ending 27th April 2018

After a long Easter gap, our new stars are here...

Week ending 23rd March 2018

Our final set of stars before Easter, (no assembly next week - Good Friday)


Week ending 16th March 2018

Another very smart set of Stars Of the Week.  (Due to snow and holidays - no stars for the last few weeks)

Week ending 9th February 2018

Another well deserving set of superstars this week.

Week ending 19th January 2018

Our first set of stars of the New Year. well done to all!

Week ending 15th December 2017

Our last set of stars of the year!

Week ending 8th December 2017

A great set of stars, but a different looking picture as it was non-uniform day.

Week ending 1st December 2017

Another fantastic set of stars this week, all looking proud.  Well done!

Week ending 24th November 2017

Not sure what happened this week.  A set of children we are totally proud of, but someone forgot to ask them to smile!

Week ending 17th November

A brilliant set of stars again this week, all celebrating their success and Children In Need day.

Week ending 10th November 2017

We couldn't access the stage this week - but you can see our great children and the school values mural.

Week ending 13th October 2017

A fantastic bunch of children to round off a fantastic half term (no Star of the Week assembly next week - school photograph day)


Week ending 6th October 2017

Stars of the week, all happy and smiling and proud.  And rightly so.  Well done to them all.

Week ending 29th September 2017

All superstars again!  Smiling faces and even a thumbs up!  Well done to all!

Week ending 22nd September 2017

This week's stars, all smiling with their well deserved certificates!

Week ending 15th September 2017

Our first stars of the year...

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