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RE and Worship

Collective Worship

Collective Worship Overview - Autumn 2018




R.E. Overview

RE units planned to covered this year:

*This is subject to change and development as we work towards the new RE syllabus and trial new units.





Year 1


1.2 God & Creation (5hrs)

S3 My world Jesus world (4 hrs)

1.3 Christmas Gifts & Gift Bringers (4hrs)



1.4 Jesus was special (6hrs)

1.5 Easter celebrating new life (5hrs)



1.7 Baptism – Non-Christian faith link (5hrs)

1.6 Saints and Followers (4hrs)

S13 Multi-Cultural Christianity


Year 2


2.1 The Bible (6hrs)

Non-Christian faith Unit: Special Books (4hrs)

2.7 Christmas – The Journey to Bethlehem (4hrs)

2.3 Jesus friend to everyone (6hrs)

2.4 Easter – symbols (5hrs)


2.6 Ascension and Pentecost (4hrs)

2.5. The Church (5hrs)

Non-Christian faith Unit: Places of Worship (4hrs)


Year 3


3.5 Rules for living (6hrs)

Non-Christian Faith Unit: Rules for living (6hrs)

3.2 Christmas – God with us (4hrs)

3.3 Jesus the Man who changed lives (6hrs)

S8 Lent (4 hrs)

3.4 Easter – Joy, Sadness, Joy (5hrs)


S2 The Lord’s Prayer (4hrs)

3.1 The Old Testament – Called by God (6hrs)

S4 Why do Christians sing in worship? (4 hrs)

Year 4

4.5 The Church (6hrs)

Non-Christian Faith Unit: Sacred Places (6hrs)

4.2 Christmas – Light - Non-Christian faith link    (6hrs)

4.3 Jesus the Son of God - Non-Christian faith   link (7hrs)

S8 Lent  (3hrs)

4.4 Easter – Betrayal and Trust (5hrs)


4.1  God, David and The  Psalms (6hrs)

4.6 Prayer (4hrs)

S5 Expressing Christian faith through Art (3hrs)

Year 5

5.1 The Bible (6hrs)

Non-Christian Faith Unit: Sacred Books/Texts (5hrs)

5.2 Christmas – Gospels of Matthew & Luke  (4hrs)

5.3 Jesus – Teacher (6hrs)

5.8 Daniel (6hrs)

5.4 Easter – Victory (5hrs)


5.9 Pentecost what happened next? (6hrs)

5.5 Women in the Old Testament
      Non-Christian Faith link (7hrs)

Year 6


6.1 Life as a journey (6hrs)

Non-Christian Faith Unit: Pilgrimage (4hrs)

6.3 Eucharist (3hrs)

6.2 Christmas – Advent (4hrs)

6.6 Ideas about God (6hrs)

Non-Christian Faith Unit: Passover (6hrs)

6.4 Easter – Who was Jesus? (4hrs)


6.5 Ascension and Pentecost (4hrs)

6.7 People of Faith (6hrs)

S10 Proverbs (4hrs)