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July 1st 2016

We are saying goodbye...

June 14th 2016

We have been to the Leavers' Service at Durham Cathedral.  It was a great afternoon with the children first of all being involved in a set of interactive prayer activities around the cathedral, before we all joined together to a short service.

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May 2016 - SATs!!!

Well, the week Year 6 have been building up to has been and gone.  And on the whole it was a really good week.  With the majority of the children attending the free breakfast club (and filling themselves up with tea, toast and cereal), we were off to a flying start every day.  It would not be true to say that the children found the tests easy but the attitudes from everyone kept them going and trying their best even when it was hard.  Well done to everyone and we just hope that the results reflect the effort that the children put in during that week.


April 21st - We are ninjas!

Ok, that is not quite true, but we did all join in a whole class introduction to judo.  After some warm-up exercises we did practice the skills needed to safely grab and throw someone.  We ended the session by practicing a basic judo throw.  To see a selection of the pictures, click the link on the picture below to go to our gallery.

March 8th - Parent Visit Day

This afternoon we opened up our classroom and lessons to the parents.  If was great to see so many parents come and join in activites with the children.  We all had a great time making and testing electrical circuits, discovering what we could do to make a bulb brighter or a buzzer louder, and what happens when we put lots of bulbs onto one battery.

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February 29th Clued Up Kids

On Monday 29th February, Clued-up Kids visited our school and we had the opportunity to find out about healthy living.  The team led a superb interactive assembly getting the children to think about some of the healthy choices they could make in their lives.  In the afternoon we got to go and visit their roadshow and make smoothies by riding a bike! Everyone really enjoyed it and our children will now have the opportunity to carry out further challenges by logging onto the Clued-up kids website.

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February 9th 2016 - Safer Internet Day

During the day we talked about staying safe online.  We had lots of discussions about how to protect ourselves and be good responsible internet users.  We then had a think about how the internet could be a better place and what we loved about it.

We put our ideas into hearts to be part of the #shareaheart theme for this year.  Some of our respences are in our gallery.  Click the photo to see more.


Chinese New Year - February

To celebrate Chinese New Year we had a special art afternoon.  We tried to work in a couple of different Chinese styles.  We painted pink blossom pictures and also wrote our names and Happy New Year in Chinese characters to make banners to hang around the classroom.

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January 2016

We started our new body topic with a bit of a test this week: drawing round each other and trying to name what we have inside us.  There was lots of fun and some really good guesses!


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December 2015

As Christmas gets closer, we get another chance to show compassion to others buy donating to the TEXTSANTA charity on Christmas Jumper Day.

November 2015

Today we had a visit from Mary and Joseph as they start their Advent journey around school.  This Posada will move from class to class over the next few days and we will see the figures in church again just before Christmas


October 2015

We designed and made longboats for our topics, here is an example.

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See how scary we looked in assembly this morning!!!


September 2015

We have been Visited by Vikings!

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