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Welcome to our class page - take a look at what we have been doing so far this year

September 2015 

Below are our pictures that we had taken at the start of the year - ready to fly high in year 5  smile


We have been reading a book called Mokee Joe is Coming written by Peter J Murray. In one of the chapters the main character listens to some meditation music. We listened to it as well and we created our own dance routines that we thought fit well with the music.

October 2015

The children in 5KR have been exploring Anglo-Saxons, we designed and made our own Anglo-Saxon brooches.

To view our brooches please click on the link below.

November 2015


This half term we have begun to learn how to play basketball. Take a look at us practising our shooting techniques. (click the link)



Throughout Autumn term our class have had the opportunity to take part in Samba lessons with Mr Harbisher. The children really enjoyed it. They created a performance of songs that they have learnt during their lessons.


Christmas jumper day

We are all getting into the Christmas Spirit

(Click the link below)


 TFM Competition

Some of our children in year 5 have entered a competition at TFM Radio to hopefully win £2000 to spend on equipment in school. Take a look at our competition video. (We had to sing Let it go!)

 Hartlepool United - Playing for Success Programme.

We have had a fantastic day, Monday 25th January 2016, at Hartlepool United Football ground, taking part in the 'Playing for Success Programme'. Today we looked at journalism within football and created some questions to ask one of the footballers (Lewis Hawkins) The children created their questions and then on the afternoon they 'interviewed' Lewis using a microphone, The idea was to get the children thinking about how they could extend their questioning to gain further information. The children will then use their answers they got from their interview to write a newspaper report. The children also experience how the journalists write short hand and they experimented with writing different words and their names.

click the link to explore more pictures from today


Tuesday was an interesting day as well at HUFC. The children arrived and were taken on a tour of the Stadium by Mr Bradley. The children and I learnt a lot of interesting facts about the ground, such as, the names of each of the stands within the stadium where the fans sit and stand. We also learnt about the differences between the changing rooms. After the tour the children were then required to use their skills in co-ordinates to find different areas on a map of Victoria Park. Whilst it was lunch time a group of six children had the chance to make a smoothie for the other children to taste, some children liked it, some didn't. During the afternoon the children had the opportunity to exercise their art skills and sketch players on a pitch using a series of steps, they then used their shading skills with pastels and pencils. The artwork they produced was fantastic.

 Click the link to see pictures from Tuesday's visit

 Wednesday 27th January 2016, the children today were once again at HUFC attending the 'Playing for success' programme. We were exploring food from around the world today and we looked specifically at the countries certain footballers came from (Christiano Ronaldo - Portugal, Wayne Rooney - England, Javier Hernández -Mexico and Samuel Eto'o - Cameroon) The children were divided into 4 groups based on the footballers and their countries and had the experience of preparing a certain food from that country. At the end the children got to try the different foods that they all helped to make. On the afternoon, we looked at the science behind food, specifically the different food groups and why they were important to our diet.

Click the link to view the pictures


 Thursday 28th January 2016, the children have explored more of the history of football today, specifically in WW1, looking at what happened between the Englishmen and the Germans on Christmas day 1914. The understood that both sides had called a truce that day and that some of the men had a game of football in no-man's land. They thought that it was a very emotional time because the solider's then realised once Christmas day was over that they would have to go back to fighting each other. The children recorded down emotions and adjectives that they thought would be suitable for a diary entry. The children then placed themselves in the mind set of a soldier during the time and wrote a diary entry with a lot of emotion. Today, the children also refreshed their memories on respect and racism within football and other sports as well as at school and at home.


Spring term text

During our English sessions this half term we will be reading and exploring the text of Adolphus Tips by Michael Morpurgo.

'It's 1943, Lily Tragenza lives on a farm in the seaside village of Slapton, and her life is scarcely touched by the war. Until one day when the villagers are all told to move out of their homes - lock, stock and barrel.

Soon the whole area is out of bounds as the allied forces prepare to invade France. But Tips, Lily's adored cat, has other ideas - and returns to the forbidden area. Frantic to find her, Lily decided to enter the danger zone to look for Tips herself...'



 Author visit - Barry Hutchison

A lucky bunch or 12 year 5's had the opportunity to meet Barry Hutchison - the author of; 'The Shark-Headed Bear Thing', 'Invisible Fiends' series and many more. They travelled to St Hild's school where they got to meet and greet the author and took part in a workshop where he shared some of his writer secrets! Some of the children also bought books and got them signed.

Rainforest art work with Miss Hampshire

5KR had the pleasure of welcoming Miss Hampshire into our classroom recently, she is an art teacher from Dyke House school. She came to help us with our art work and show us some new skills with pastels and pencils - showing use how to shade and use tone in our work to create brilliant effects. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with her and as a class we produced a fantastic wall display.


Football training with HUFC

During our P.E. sessions this term we have had the pleasure of welcoming a few of the trainers from HUFC. They have been working with us to develop our team skills and how we use them to work effectively as a team in football.



Head boy / Head girl


CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! To Emily and Callum who were both voted to be our Head girl and Head boy of our school - you have made us all proud and we know you will do a fantastic job!


Beamish Evacuee's 

On Thursday the 19th of May,Year 5 began their journey back in time to the 1940's. Take a look at some of the photographs of their adventure. Click link below.


 CSI Workshop - Pulse Education

Tuesday 21st June, Year 5 had the pleasure of welcoming Pulse Education into our school. They came in to teach us a bit more about how the world of Crime Scene Investigation works as part of our new science topic. They began with Computer Forensics and taught us a bit more about how to stay safe online when using social media or when using online gaming. We then moved on to finding out about fingerprints, how they are collected at a crime scene and how to identify individual fingerprint patterns. The children all made their own fingerprint key ring. Afterwards we looked at how CSI's find fibres from clothes and hair; even pet hair! The children looked at the different hair fibres using a mini microscope. As well as all of those we even discovered how blood is found at a crime scene using UV lights - we used a pen that represented blood and wrote secret messages on black tiles. Can you read what they say? (Click the link and look through the pictures) Later on in the day we also explored how footprints were taken at a crime scene and we even took images of our own shoe prints.   In the afternoon, the children all got dressed up into the clothing that CSI's wear and then entered the hall where a crime had been committed! The children then had to use what they had learnt throughout the day to solve the crime and find out who had committed it. All the children had a very enjoyable day.

Click the link to explore our pictures from the day.



Year 5 two day visit to St Hild's.

Thursday 23rd June and Friday 24th June, year 5 went to St Hild's for a secondary school taster visit. The children took part in a range of lessons; a treasure hunt around school in Geography; learning how to read maps, solving a range of difficult puzzles in Maths that even some year 9's couldn't solve (a couple of our children did! Bailey and Lucy - Well done!) and in English inventing and writing about sweets that we had created using a range of out senses. We also took part in a science lesson, P.E lesson and an Art lesson. Both very enjoyable days - all the children got a little memento of the day - a ruler and a pencil with their names engraved on them. Thank you St Hild's!

Click the link to look at our pictures from the visit.