GSO Test


September 2016

On 13th September 2016 Roald Dahl would have been 100 years old. To honour one of our favourite authors we made Golden Tickets, wrote dreams and put them into a dream jar and created our own made-up words- just like Roald Dahl!


October 2016

This half term we have been learning all about prime numbers; their features and how to find prime factors! To help us remember all of the prime numbers before 99 we sang this fantastic Number Fun song and we even made hats to perform in!



November 2016

We have been learning about perimeter and area in Maths. We wanted to know the perimeter of our playground. We measured it in groups using trundle wheels and discussed who was the most accurate and why.


December 2016

During our U.S.A Topic we researched famous Americans. We printed photos of these after editing them. During our Art Day, we were visited by a student from C.C.A.D who taught us all about Andy Warhol and helped us to colour, shade and paint our images in the style of 'Pop Art'.


January 2017

We began the new year with a fantastic visit to Robinwood and took part in lots of different activities such as the; zip-wire, giant swing, Moorland Challenge and Dragon's Quest. We were lucky enough to escape the piranha pool with all of our toes!


February 2017

As part of our Ancient Egyptians topic we visited Preston Park Museum. We carried out an archaeological dig and made our own fossils! We also wanted to investigate the way in which people in Teesside lived before us so we took part in a Victorian school day where we practised writing our names using ink. We then explored the artefacts in the museum- we especially liked the Blacksmiths and the Chemist!


March 2017

We celebrated Red Nose Day by wearing red and designing our own red noses! We also made Mother's Day cards and frames to give to our lovely mothers!


April 2017

We invited our families in to help us to make our fabulous Easter bonnets! We were very proud of how well they turned out and wore them all afternoon with pride!

May 2017

We made our own cross of nails for ICONS Day, including reasons why we think we should forgive and reconcile with others.


June 2017

We have been learning all about WWII and have made WWII inspired Art. We added 3D effects and thought about our use of colour to convey mood and feeling.


July 2017

We have been learning Samba rhythms all year and performed for the school!

We have also had a French Day this month. We dressed up in 'French Style' clothing, ate French food and took part in various French themed activities.