GSO Test


June 2017


St Hilds School Visit


Went on a visit to St Hilds to try out some really exciting English, geography, science and music lessons.  We learnt a few songs and even spent some time in a planetarium.  Oh, we also had a fantastic two course lunch.  A great day.

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The Lions Of Zululand

April 2017

Summer Computing links

In our computing work this term we will be building blogs and a website for our Year group.  This uses Google apps for Education.

For pupils to edit the site (you must be logged in with your Google account) click the next link -

To visit our site click this link - Year 5 Site


March 2017 - 3D Maths

In our maths work we have been looking at 2D and 3D shapes and the links between them.  Here are some of the things we made.  To see more click the picture or head to the gallery page.


March 2017

Our latest topic involves looking at stages of life and as an introduction we used some apps on the iPads that aged our faces.  Some were very scary!

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March 2017

Year 5 are working with Dyke House College on their iAspire programme.  After a visit to their school where we looked at all sorts of different careers, this week their staff visited us and we looked at what skills engineers need.  To use those skills we tried to build a tower that would hold the weight of a golf ball.  We had a wide range of levels of success.  To see some photos either head to the gallery link or click the photo below.

February 2017

All across the school we took pat in Safer Internet Day 2017.  As well as lots of discussion and watching videos, we decided to tell people our safer internet messages in emojis.

Can you work out what they all say?

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December 2016

At the end of our USA topic we did some work in the style of Andy Warhol.  There is an example below, head to the gallery by clicking the picture to see all of them!


November 2016

Our sound collector poem...


Homophone video..

November 2016

October 2016

Links we are using in our topic work:


October 2016

At the end of our Anglo-Saxon topic we designed and made brooches in their style.  Have a look in the galleries to see more photos.


September 2016

This term 5NM will be enjoying Samba Drum lessons from Tees Valley Music Service.  We have got off to a super (and loud!) start and are looking forward to learning more rhythms and beats.

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