GSO Test

5NM 2017-2018

June 2018

Time Tables Rockstars!!!!

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April 2018



After some excellent sessions working with the iAspire team, including a visit to Dyke House, caring for eggs, building towers and designing a new product, our project came to an end with a wonderful celebration.  Here we are with our certificates...




 January 2018


As as start to our new topic, try to remember what the different continents are.  use this video to help:


November 2017 - English

In English today we were looking at adverbial phrases.  We really liked this song from YouTube!


October 2017 - No Pen Day

The whole school had a day where the children were not allowed to use pen (or pencil!) for any reason.  In 5NM we learnt how to play Top Trumps in maths and had a mini tournament.  For our literacy work we looked at the descriptions of Mokee Joe in the class novel and used them to paint what we think he looks like.  Here are our results.


September 2017 - ZooLab

As an introduction to our science work we had a fantastic visit from ZooLab this morning.  All of the children had the chance to handle snails, rats, snakes and other animals and learn more about them, their life cycles and habitats.  There are lots of photographs of it in the galleries and a good mix of scared looks and happy smiles (from the children and the animals).