GSO Test


Bloomin' Art!

Trip to Saltholme!

27.04.17 - Y4 went on a trip to Saltholme Nature Reserve as our WOW to our new topic: 'Which wild animals and plants thrive in your locality?'

Open the Book

24.04.17 - We got to participate in todays 'Open the Book' assembly!

The Suspicious Egg!

21.02.17 - Today, Class 4GC found a mysterious blue-green egg in our classroom! We passed it around carefully and discussed what could be inside. Then, we saw a picture of the front cover of the book we will be reading. The creature inside looks like it lives in the sea. We predicted what the story could be about.


Norman Homework Project

07.02.17 - 4GC have been learning about the Normans all half term and the homework projects have come in this week! The children made some fantastic Norman castles. Here are some of the creations:

Safer Internet Day!

07.02.17 - We talked about how images can stay on the internet forever, so it is very important to be sure about what you send via social media or what you post online. We sorted some emojis based on what we thought they meant. Some pairs had different emotions paired with an emoji than others. This showed us that sometimes people see things differently to us so we need to be clear about what we mean and how we feel, even through messaging.

Castle Cakes!

Mass at Church

17.01.17 - Y3 and Y4 visited Church today for Mass.

WOW: Bouncy Castle

As a 'WOW' to engage the Y4s in our new topic: 'Why were Norman castles certainly not bouncy?', the children were given the opportunity to play on a bouncy castle!

Christmas Jumper Day!

07.12.16 - Today the children raised money for charity by wearing their Christmas jumpers. We were very impressed by the effort everyone made!

What life was like 100 Years Ago!

07.12.16 - Today we made a chocolate cake from 100 years ago. It had no eggs and used vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to make it light and fluffy.

Year 4 Parental Workshop

06.12.16 - Today, Year 4 invited parents and family members into school to make Snowman puppets as part of DT Day! We stitched around the edge of the puppet and stuck accessories on to make our snowman nice and warm!


06.12.16 - Today the children made Christingles to celebrate the festive season! This was part of our R.E. topic which explored Jesus as the light of the world.

Children in Need!

18.11.16 - As it was Children in Need, we decided to make Pudsey Biscuits and decorate them! We had a lot of fun making them!

Adam Bushnell and Liz Million Visit

11.10.16 - Year 4 had a creative writing session with Adam Bushnell based around 'The Lambton Worm'. They then illustrated their stories with Liz Million!

Making Roman Weapons

04.10.16 - We made Roman weapons today as part of our Roman Topic!


Visit to Church

04.10.16 - Year 3 and 4 visited Church for Mass today. Father Leon kindly let us stay and explore the Church for our R.E. work.

Year 4 Trip to Vindolanda

27.09.16 - Year 4 visited Vindolanda to learn all about the Romans and how they lived.