GSO Test


March 2017

On Tuesday 14th, St Aidan's was visited by Professor Brainstorm. We watched some amazing science experiments involving boom whackers, liquid nitrogen and even used a banana to hammer a nail!


 How did that blossom become an apple?

This term our topic is "How did that blossom become an apple?" As well as looking at the life cycle of an apple and the different parts of a blossom, we have begun an investigation. Each group have chosen a scientific question to investigate:

1. Does a plant need water to grow?

2. Does a plant need sunlight to grow?

3. Does a plant need soil to grow?

4. Does a plant need warmth to grow?

5. Does a plant need leaves to grow?

Each group planted 2 lots of seeds and made our predictions. One seed will be our control plant that will be given the best possible conditions to grow in, while the other will have a specific variable e.g. no water. Over 10 weeks we will measure and record what we see before writing our conclusions.



February 2017

Safer internet day!

During Safer internet day we discussed sharing photographs online and how they can be seen by more people than we might want.

We used this class photo as an example:

We thought about who might see this photo in different situations, for example, if I showed Miss Chambers a printed copy, if I sent the photo to Miss Chambers in an email, or if I shared the photograph on the school website, and whether we could control who saw them.